Traditional breadmaking

Twice a week, we bake bread in our own wood-fired oven. We use wholemeal flour which we buy from the local organic shop.

From time to time, we organise a workshop with people who enjoy making their own artisanal bread.

Pizza from our wood-fired oven

Pizza au feu de bois!

A balmy evening in the South of France –
We fire up our wood-fired oven to 400°C and build the pizzas : Margherita , vegetarian, quatre fromages, calzone, or whatever else you can think of.
A glass of wine with our guests.

C’est formidable!

Arts and crafts

When there is sufficient interest, we organise multi-day workshops with guest teachers.

One of these is ceramics: throwing, hand forming and glazing.

Wine tasting

In the Gaillac vineyards, winemakers offer an introduction to wine tasting. Make an appointment, come to the winery and spend two hours with a professional, learning how to see, smell and taste wine. By the end of the workshop, you will already have a good idea of how to describe the play of aromas, colours and sensations, and the vocabulary that goes with it!