La Douce France

Several times, when we returned home from a pleasant trip or leave, it came up that running a B&B would be a dream-come-true.

Construction work has been our love and passion for 25 years. We worked as self-employed contractors/installers of central heating, plumbing and specialised in green energy. Installing central heating and solar boilers, plumbing pipes and appliances, drains and ventilation in new-build homes and renovation houses, as well as repairs and maintenance of installations were on our daily agenda.

At age 23, we crafted our first own place from a dilapidated, wooden chip shop. While we took the construction of our house brick-by-brick ourselves to heart, we were able to live in our cosy wooden chalet.

15 years later, it started itching again: a trip to Canada made us realise that a farm in the countryside with horses and a dog could be an oasis of peace in the busy life of a plumber. we turned our words into deeds and this step was also an enrichment of our lives: again, we did almost all the building work ourselves. Our 2 children Birgit (27) and Simon (25) were able to spend their young years growing up among the horses, teaching them to take responsibility and care for their animals.

13 years after building the farmhouse in the green, we decided to embark on our fourth building project in France. We visited several properties, but the moment we drove up the driveway and this French farmhouse appeared among the trees and greenery, it was love at first sight.

We had some conditions in mind, and this property, this place could meet all of them. We put our property in Belgium up for sale and took on the big challenge.

We will pull out all the stops to make this beautiful place feel like home to every visitor, every holidaymaker. We are convinced that the region can offer something for everyone: cycling, hiking, horse riding, motorcycling, resting, a splash in the pool.

A trip to Toulouse or Carcassonne, a day trip to the canyons of Tarn or Aveyron, strolling through the narrow alleys of medieval villages and towns nearby.

Or just…in a rocking chair with a book or with your eyes closed…in the sunshine or just not…overlooking the sunflower fields, the castle or the rolling landscapes….

Your choice!